So as you can see, I made cheesecake and a Lemon/Blueberry Yogurt Cake today. As you can also see, I forgot to take pictures of the finished product before we started eating them.

I made them both from scratch and I feel so proud! When my mom called me in the middle of my baking process and I told her what I was up to she was like “oh from a box?” and I got to impress her with my scratch baking.

Anyways, you can find the recipes for the recipes here and here.

I made some substitutions for the two recipes though:

In the yogurt bread, I used non-fat plain yogurt instead of whole fat, just to cut down on the heaviness of an already calorie rich and sugary bread. Because of this, I added and extra 1/2 cup of yogurt, which meant adding cooking time, but it still turned out to be really moist and quite delicious. I also substituted the sugar with Splenda, and instead of Vegetable oil, I used olive oil. 

Overall I think the bread turned out really well, although I must admit, zesting 2 lemons to get 2 tsp of lemon zest is a complete pain in the butt. The cake is really moist and tastes like something i’d want to eat for breakfast more than as a dessert. But because I replaced the sugar and used non-fat yogurt, I really don’t feel like it’s all that bad to be honest. Also it’s fucking delicious so there’s that.

The cheesecake was designed to be healthy, and I was a little skeptical at first. Especially when I saw that basically half of the cream comes for pureed cottage cheese. But I went for it and I have to say, it was DELICIOUS. It tastes just like real cheesecake, and even though I had a problem with my topping falling into the cheescake and displacing it, that’s an easily solvable problem, just cool the cake first and THEN top it, then cool some more. This recipe wasn’t even supposed to have the whole syrupy blueberry topping, but I really love well topped blueberry cheesecake, so I guess I subtracted from the healthiness a bit on that part. But eh, i’ll take it.

I also totally ignored the part where you’re supposed to ground up the graham cracker crust so you can make it into cheesecake bars, and just went ahead and left it in it’s natural pie form.

I really liked this cheesecake, and so did my roommate and friend. So it’s definitely something i’ll be making again, because it sure as hell is a lot healthier than the regular stuff.

All in all i’d call todays baking adventures a success! And also a good lesson in how to replace things with slightly healthier alternatives. The website I got the cheesecake recipe from is run by a healthnut so I think i’ll be using a lot of her recipes from now on, or at least continuing to learn from them.


What I did to keep my hands busy while watching The Walking Dead because I was on edge the WHOLE TIME. I’m making scarves for everyone for christmas. So i’m really hoping I can pull this off by then. 
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