Can you believe these skirts used to be big baggy t-shirts? That’s pretty damn cool.
Yay for upcycling!
(you’ll need a sewing machine for this one)
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I HAVE to try this!  I have about a million XL t-shirts left over from events at work, and now I might be able to turn them into a functional piece of clothing.  I am very excited.
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This is super pretty but don’t be fooled you can keep plants and chickens together like that.
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I was super psyched to be referred to this site by a friend.

There is a one-page seed starting worksheet, a companion planting guide, chicken coop plans, a guide on bugs in the garden… and more!

Yes, I sound like a salesperson don’t I?  I am really just happy for the help : )


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I’ve compiled my internet research into a visual aid.  It’s pretty much the same as you would do for any other vegetable, but it’s nice to have a reminder that you can grow radishes, carrots, and potatoes in containers too!

Honey Strawberry Scrub | Tried And True
So I haven’t posted a scrub in… three days, so here’s another one! This time with delicious strawberry pulp. Yum! Of course, because of this addition, you will need to use the scrub within a week or so, but I doubt it’s going to be sitting around for that long!



The cold of your fridge is actually ruining a lot of your (expensive, local, bought at the farmer’s market) produce. An artist’s project finds ways to use the way fruits and vegetables spoil to keep them fresh, the old-fashioned way.

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I will own these in my kitchen. I will. This is not an option.

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cosy kitchen (via Bright.Bazaar)





great idea

Oh em gee, this is so cute!

omfg, I don’t even… so awesome. my whole staircase needs to be lined with these.

oh my god.

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